Better IoT Sensors
Make Better Buildings

SyncIoT Technologies sensor data driven platform and analytics engine optimizes and streamlines buildings and teams performance.

We at SyncIoT Technologies put your building data on the cloud for your team to manage using IoT sensors and first class software platform.

We at SyncIoT Technologies are passionate about Internet of Things smart sensors and building analytics helping clients optimize their buildings.

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Meet the team

Oscar Trujillo

CEO & Founder

Oscar is SyncIOT Technologies founder and CEO. Oscar has been involved in the high-tech and electronics industry for over 20 years working with hardware and software products at world-class companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed Martin and Crestron Electronics. Taking this wealth of experience and expertise, Oscar set out to making buildings smarter and homes smarter using Internet of Things smart devices and sensors with an automated analytics software platform. Oscar attended Alfred University and Cornell University Electrical Engineering programs.

Aldrich Demata

Software Lead & Co-Founder, Executive

Aldrich is an accomplished IT, web and security consultant for some of the IT industry's premier e-commerce, network defense and cloud technology enterprises. Aldrich contributes his experience, education and knowledge to organizations integrating business and technology. Aldrich attended New York University for his Masters in Management and Systems and Mapua University for Computer Engineering.

Shan Jiang

Business Analyst, Executive

Shan is a professional and self-motivated business analyst who possesses solid technical skills and rich work experience in strategic marketing. She specialized in delivering business intelligence through analytical tools. Her rich entrepreneurial experience allowed her to skillfully lead marketing strategies at the managerial level and cope with complex issues endemic to start-up companies.

Jason Huang

Full Stack Developer

Jason is currently studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Stony Brook University. He is looking to pursue software engineering in grad school.

Darren Kong

Full Stack Developer

Darren is currently studying Computer Science at Stony Brook University. He is looking to pursue software engineering in grad school.

Junjie Chen

Software Engineer

Junjie is a software hobbyist passionate for innovative technology while learning new techniques. During his spare time, he enjoyed developing app and games as hobbies. He has experience in delivering full-stack web development and mobile development.

JunHao Chen

Software Engineer

JunHao is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with interests in game development and cyber security. He has experience in Python for simple predictive analytics and C++ for his game development projects. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming and being an avid Formula 1 fan.